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about us

Who We Are:

God laid the dream of an ARK Retreat Center on our hearts several years ago – to make it a meeting place/space that is safe, state of the art, conveniently located, and affordable.  We were told not to limit God, as His plans are so much bigger than ours and we decided to take that advice and trust in God and the plan He laid on our hearts.  ARK for Life is the result - a non-profit organization on the campus of Trinity Lutheran Church in Montclair California.  The building plans are drawn up, letters of intent are received, lots of paperwork is filed, and while it all seems a bit overwhelming, we acquired a domain (obviously – you found us here), finalized the logo, and all the other details that come with starting up a project on this scale. 


ARK - a new state of the art Community Retreat Center conveniently located just a quick 45 minutes east of Los Angeles, nestled up against the San Gabriel Mountains.  There will no longer be a need to take your retreat all the way to the woods, when our finished retreat center can accommodate your group at a reasonable price.  Part of our ministry is to help you succeed with yours.


The completed ARK Retreat Center will include:

4 places to lay your head:

  • Main Floor Dorm #1–22 beds (ADA compliant)

  • Main Floor Dorm #2–22 beds (ADA compliant)

  • Upper Floor Dorm #3–20 beds

  • Guest Speaker/Leader Dorm—2 rooms with 2 beds each


Dining Facilities:

  • Large dividable hall with each half capable of seating 50 (ADA compliant)

  • A large newly renovated commercial kitchen with a designated area for special meals


Meeting Space:

There will be a Talk/Rollo Room suitable for a variety of setups.  This space will be wired for sound with state of the art technology.  There is space for a head table with seating for 8, and plenty of space left over for attendees, as well as a music team and a snack/beverage service area.  There will also be an ADA restroom in the space. 


ARK's board Members:

  • Janet Irey

  • Rita Lehigh

  • Art Recalde

  • Tarrie Silert

  • Pastor Lance Irey

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